Financial Risk Manager

Recognized in every major market, the FRM is the leading certification for risk managers. It is consistently in demand by nearly every major bank and firm in the world.

The Global Association of Risk Professionals™ (GARP®) established the FRM designation to identify and recognize risk professionals who are qualified to make informed decisions based on current, globally accepted industry standards.

FRM Courses

If You want a complete structure that supports you through your preparation, our FRM® courses at Top Finance allow you to enjoy a unique learning experience, mixing dynamic teaching, practice and personalized coaching .

Available formats: 
Live Online              Self-Study Material

10 Sessions

30 hours

Mock Exams
& Review

The Top Finance & Schweser Difference


Expert Faculty


FRM certified instructors that are industry leaders with global expertise in financial risk management. They are carefully selected & diligently trained to make your experience as engaging and informative as possible.

Learning Strategy


Prepare. Practice. Perform. A Kaplan Schweser proven learning methodology using the highest quality content that gives you the structure you need to get the most out of your study time. Developed by industry leaders and competent professionals with 25 years of preparing candidates to take on the FRM exam with confidence.


Exam-Matching Materials

Comprehensive study materials that match the program curriculum with study notes, practice questions, review packages, and resources that simulate the exam experience.

Safeguarding Your Success 


Our commitment to success with our Top Finance Guarantee and Schweser's PassProtection™, guarantees you’ll pass, or we’ll cover at least half of the costs of your study package next time around.

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Why Top Finance Partnered With Kaplan Schweser


• Number one
The global leader and most trusted exam prep for financial designations

• A 75+ years of history
Solid experience helping hundreds of thousands of students achieve their goals

Designed for success
The most effective, comprehensive study packages in the industry

• User recommended
95% of Schweser FRM students would confidently recommend it

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Start your FRM® prep journey with training courses and resources designed by experts to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your studies. 

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Live Online Courses 

Designed for busy professionals in mind, this format is ideal if you cannot attend classes but need the structured schedule and support that a live class provides.

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Standalone Resources

As you prep for exam day, you may be looking for extra opportunities to review the content and hone your test skills with proven study products.

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Live In-Person Classes 

 Your ultimate real-life classroom experience, combining benefits of instructor-led classes with interactive feedback, the Top Finance Guarantee and support all the way.

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Self-Study Packages

Prepare at your own pace and convenience with our industry-leading tools and resources.

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