Terms & Conditions

Group & Private Courses

Test preparation is offered in the form of group courses (weekend, evening, or intensive courses). Schedule of group courses is determined in advance by the Top Finance Administrator.

The participant will be informed in advance of any possible changes.

Private classes are scheduled in advance, in agreement between the participant and the Administrator Private classes can be offered live or online (Zoom or equivalent).

Any proposition of a schedule change by the participant must be addressed in person or by telephone to the Administrator, and not to the instructor. If the participant cancels a class less than 24 hours in advance, the hours scheduled are billed in full.

If the participant cancels a class more than 24 hours in advance, the class is rescheduled according to the participant’s and the instructor’s availability. 

Cancellation and Reimbursement

Top Finance reserves the right to cancel any program upon written notice if a minimum of 5 participants per program (12 for the intensive) is not reached 15 days prior to the first day of the program.

Participants wishing to cancel the enrolment group courses and be reimbursed the amount paid should explain the reasons for the cancellation in a letter. Within 30 days following the receipt of the letter, the participant will receive:

- Before class 1: 50 % refund of the invoice.

- Once training has started, no refund will be possible.

Participants wishing to defer their registration to the following term must send a written request before second class and pay off a deferral fee of 10% of the initial invoice. The candidate must pay off the global invoice during the initial term.

The deferral is only valid for the following semester and cannot be extended to another session.

Study materials already delivered to the candidate -or ordered- will not be returned nor exchanged. If new materials are required for the following term, the candidate will need to purchase them.

Top Finance may or may not accept the deferral request.

Official Exam Enrolment

It is strictly Candidate's responsibility to verifies and meets requirements outlines by the respective institutes. Meeting deadlines requirements and paying the official exam fees are also the responsibility of the candidate.

Study Materials & Copyrights

Top Finance provides study materials in different formats (books, eBook, software, videos etc.). Study materials are specially designed for a particular exam term and the access to online study tools (video & software) is granted for a limited timeframe and will become unavailable after exam date. Candidate understands and agrees that the Materials are protected by copyright law and are only being licensed for Candidate's individual and personal use in preparation to sit for the Exam and/or to attend any related courses or workshops during the License Term.

Candidate shall not copy, record on any support, sell, loan or divulge any Materials to any other party, or allow any other person to do so. Candidate may not record any lectures of the Live Course.

Violation of the copyright to the materials or the terms of this Agreement may result in legal action. Candidate is warned that copyright violation may also result in fines or other penalties following civil or criminal suits.

Payments & Custom Fees

Any registration for classes or programs must be paid in full at least 1 week before the first class by the participant or by a third party (employer, state organization, educational foundation, etc.). Study materials purchase will be confirmed only after full payment Acceptable payment methods are by check (drawn from a French bank), bank transfer, or credit card. Payment must be made in Euros or Swiss francs. 

The Candidate is responsible for the payment of all applicable import duties imposed by the authorities of the destination country. Our study materials are sent from the United States for all countries outside of France.