Our Commitment to Accessible Training Programs

Our team has undergone specialized training to gain a deeper understanding of various disabilities and to adopt best practices in providing support. This ongoing training equips our trainers and staff with the sensitivity needed to address the unique needs of each candidate, enabling them to implement tailored solutions.

This approach transcends mere compliance with regulations; it embodies our commitment to fostering an environment where every learner feels valued, supported, and motivated to attain their goals.

We acknowledge that each individual possesses distinct requirements, which is why we have the capacity to implement personalized accommodations and support for learners with disabilities. Our trained team actively listens to the specific needs of each individual and collaborates closely with them to determine the necessary adjustments. Whether it involves adapting teaching methods, providing additional resources, or accommodating schedules, our aim is to create the most conducive conditions for their learning and personal growth.

Inclusion lies at the core of Top Finance's values. We are dedicated to establishing an environment where each person can actively participate, contribute, and flourish. Our Qualiopi certification serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to this principle, and we will continue evolving to offer enriching learning experiences to all our learners.

Irrespective of the chosen training method, we strongly recommend that you indicate the nature of your disability and your specific needs during registration. This will allow us to provide you with optimal support conditions.

Important Resources

📞 Your accessibility representative: Lucie Forest 01 87 24 01 50

If you need additional support to help you build your training project and find out about available funding, you will find the government website here: monparcourshandicap.gouv.fr

To locate the most qualified individual to address your needs: the agefiph directory