It is unfortunately no more possible to finance your CFA® Certification with the CPF.
 Oops unfortunately since 12/31/2021 the CFA has been removed from the lists of certifications that makes it eligible to the French CPF "compte personnel de formation” fund.

All stakeholders are working very hard to make it available again and we will let you know as soon as it is back. 

Top Finance offers the ability to pay in several installments, get in touch with our advisors to receive more information.

What is a “Compte Personnel de Formation (​CPF)” ?

The “CPF” can be translated by personal training account. It is a fund provided to any French employees, job seekers and young graduates to support continuing education. Everybody receives 500 euros per year up to 5 000 euros.

How to use your CPF for your CFA tra​ining?

To access your CPF account, use your social security number to log in to You can immediately see the amount in euros that you are entitled to. 

You will find all Top Finance’s courses on your online access through the search bar. Once you have found the correct course you can directly sign up and we will receive a notification. If you don’t have enough budget, you will be asked to complete the total payment by credit card. 

The Chartered Financial Analyst certification is available to all professional branches. 

The eligibility code for the Chartered Financial Analyst certification is Code CPF 237111.

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