Register now before CFA® Level III exam format changes!

As evolving has always been part of CFA Institute DNA over the history, we are expecting quite a few changes for the 2024 CFA® Level III exam. 

If precise details have not been published yet, CFA Institute has a strong desire to match the current demand from employers and candidates for more practical skills. 

After conducting a 2-year study among the industry's stakeholders, they wish to continue increasing credibility of the CFA charter by elevating relevance of the curriculum and developing additional practice opportunities. 

Will they choose a similar option as NASBA did by creating specialized exam paths within the US certification journey ? We should get the answers in March. 

The update should be implemented by end of 2023 and adress all CFA Level III candidates from 2024 exam windows, onwards. 

This exciting opportunity is coming after the two important changes in Level III exam formats CFA Institute implemented these past years : 

  • In 2021 : The exam moved from a paper written test to Computer Based Testing, at the same time, the exam length was reduced from 6 hours to approximately 4 hours and half. 
  • In 2023 : The constructed response questions were mixed into both exam sessions instead of sticking to only the first part : both item sets (MCQs) and essays are now mixed throughout the entire exam

As changes always come with an adjustment period of time, we strongly advise CFA candidates that have successfully passed their Level II exam, to start their preparation as soon as possible and get enrolled to take their CFA Level III exam before the end of 2023.

Keep in mind that the last exam window this year is August (Aug, 29th - Sept, 5th) and there is still time to get ready : more than 180 days. Our evening prorgam will start on March 8th

By 2024, Top Finance will of course have updated all their review programs and preparation courses to reflect the 2024 exam formats.

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