ESG Investing Certificate

CFA Institute Certificate

Training Overview

The 2-Day Training Program is the most complete program available. 

Our specific teaching methodology, outstanding instructors, quality study materials and optimal course organization will enable you to cover the most critical aspects of the ESG Investing curriculum.

Our format & class size help you progress seamlessly in a dynamic environment

ESG Live In-Person | € 1,390

The in-person format is ideal to follow the training with our experts and other participants in the most dynamic environment.

ESG Live Online | € 1,090

The live online format is ideal if you are unable to come to our premises and still wish to benefit from our instructors expertise on a structured schedule.

ESG Investing Trainings Schedule:

Training in French

 ESG Investing - September 2024

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Training in English


 ESG Investing - Novembre 2024

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Key Training Takeaways

Take the required time to go through the core concepts: 16 hours with ESG Investing experts.

Structure your preparation and don’t fall behind schedule.

Benefit from the best study material available on the market to review the concept home and practice on question.

Finance Essentials: an additional section providing background knowledge on asset valuation, portfolio theory and financial analysis.

How it Works


16 hours


9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Live In-Person
or Online 

Who Should Enroll

The ESG® Investing Certificate is suitable for anyone willing to improve their understanding of ESG issues and working in:​

  • Sales & distribution
  • Wealth management
  • Product development 
  • Financial advice
  • Consulting
  • Audit / Control 

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If you are in a situation of disability, we recommend that you report, as soon as you register, the nature of your disability as well as your specific needs, so that we can welcome you in optimal conditions. For more information, please visit our Accessibility page.        

Study Pack Included

Registering to this course, you will receive:


An e-book containing slides that cover the whole syllabus (a printed workbook is available for a small supplemental fee to cover printing and shipping).

Video Library

A video library approaching 15 hours of detailed explanations of the syllabus.


An extensive question bank containing more than 640 exam-style questions, including two full-length mock exams.

Following sessions for ESG investing

ESG Investing - 2-Day Training
November 3 & 4,  2023   

(Training held in English)

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ESG Investing - 2-Day Training
March  2024   

(Training held in English)

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