CPA Self Study Pro Package - Full Parts

Prep like a pro. All the best tool for Exam Day success.
Comprehensive and always up-to-date coverage of the CPA Exam with Becker’s complete four-part blueprint-matching course, including 190 hours bite-sized video lectures, led by Becker’s CPA Exam experts. Practice with over 7,000 multiple choice questions and 400+ task-based simulation questions. Then challenge yourself under exam-like conditions with 8 full Simulated Exams and 12 exclusive Mini Exams, as well as unlimited, customizable practice tests.
Bonus: A one-year subscription to Becker CPE

- 4-Part Review Course
- CPA Printed & Annotated Digital Textbooks - Audit
- CPA Printed & Annotated Digital Textbooks - Disciplines
- CPA Printed & Annotated Digital Textbooks - Regulation
- CPA Printed & Annotated Digital Textbooks - Financial
- Adapt2U Technology Powered by Sana Labs
- Supplemental Multiple-Choice Question Package
- CPA Access FAR
- CPA Access FAR Final Review
- CPA Access AUD
- CPA Access AUD Final Review
- CPA Access BEC
- CPA Access BEC Final Review
- CPA Access REG
- CPA Access REG Final Review
- 12 Simulated Exams that Mirror the CPA Exam Style and Content
- Online and printable flashcards
- Study Planner
- Unlimited Practice Tests
- 1,350+ printed flashcards
- In-Person classroom scheduling options
- Five 1-on-1 academic tutoring sessions (1 hour) - $749 value
- BONUS: 1 year CPE subscription ($699 value)
- Unlimited access - Conditions Apply
- CPA ExamSolver Bundle
- FAR Deep Dive Workshops

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