Schweser Level II CFA® Live Online 3-Day Review Workshop

With a balanced mix of CFA® curriculum review and problem solving, Schweser’s 3-Day Review Workshop is just the thing to get you exam-ready. After reviewing each topic of the CFA curriculum, instructors use problems and exam-like questions to help reinforce your knowledge, practice your exam techniques, and improve your exam-taking skill and speed. It’s exactly what you need during the final weeks of preparation in order to build your confidence and perform effectively on the CFA exam. The Online 3-Day Review Workshop includes:

• 3 full days of exam preparation
• Thorough review of key topics
• Extensive work with practice questions and problem solving techniques
• Instructor exam tips and strategies

- Schweser Level II CFA Review Workshop Mind Maps (Review Slides)
- Schweser Level II CFA Review Workshop Questions (Practice Questions)
- Schweser Level II CFA Secret Sauce®

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CFA® Exam Window CFA Level II - August 2023 or CFA Level II - November 2023 or CFA Level II - May 2024 or CFA Level II - August 2024 or CFA Level II - November 2024
Type Final Review
Level or Part Level II