About the CCI® Exam 

Content, format and everything you need to know about the CCI® exam.

Exam Prerequisites

There are no pre-requisites, but it is strongly recommended that you have a deep knowledge of investment decisions process, acquired through certification (CFA®) or through your career.

Exam Topics​

The CCI program focuses on the knowledge and skills required by investment professionals to understand climate and climate change considerations in the investment process.​

Topic 1 ( 2% - 4% )

Introduction to Climate and Investing

Topic 3 (8% - 11%)

Policy Response, Regulation, and the Reporting Landscape

Topic 5 (8% - 11%)

Climate Risk Measurement: Data, Metrics, Targets and Scenario Analysis

Topic 7 (12% - 16%)

Listed Equities and Bonds. Insurance Products

Topic 9 (8% - 12%)

Real Assets

Topic 2 ( 5% - 9% )

Climate Science and Climate Risks, Impacts and Opportunities

Topic 4 (4% - 7%)

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Topic 6 (3% - 6%)

Stewardship and Engagement on Climate

Topic 8 ( 10% - 14%)

Private Equity and Debt. Carbon Markets

Topic 10 (8% - 12%)

Portfolio Management

CFA® UK Exam Format

150 hours of preparation is recommended to pass the CCI® Exam. 

You need to register on the CFA Society UK website here and then choose an exam date from the Person Vue exam centers.


2 hours 20 minutes

Computer-based with different types of questions:

  • Multiple-choice questions (4 answer options)

  •  Drag-and-drop questions (where candidates drag one or more possible answers to a key space)

  • Fill-in-the-blank questions (where candidates enter a value in the answer field)

  • Two types of case study questions (where candidates are given a short or long situation with several associated questions).

  • 100 questions

Scoring & Results

The pass mark is between 60% and 70%. 

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